Loose ideas on freedom

I am on a flight to Singapore reading Solatz, a Spanish newsletter that shares ideas about freedom. Pursuing freedom has been a long-standing goal of mine, and I try to prioritize it in every decision I make. Over time, I’ve developed some brief opinions about freedom that I’d like to share with you today:

  • Freedom always comes with responsibility. There are people who use their freedom to make your life easier. It’s okay to give the same in return. Being free does not imply being an asshole.
  • Freedom sometimes involves being away from the people you love. It involves going off to pursue what makes you feel light. Which you can do without the need for others to watch you.
  • Freedom can be daunting and intimidating from the outside, but only the brave who dare to pursue it can truly enjoy it.
  • Freedom demands a lot from you, but it gives you more. Be demanding with life and sooner or later you’ll be a little freer. Pursuing freedom is an active process – it won’t come to you on its own.
  • Freedom is asking yourself more questions than usual, and at the same time knowing that we will probably never get the answers.
  • Freedom is not tied to any kind of identity. To be free is to know that there will be nothing that is “the normal” anymore.

Now it’s your turn, what are your thoughts on freedom?