Last updated: 19/05/24


  • This first half of the year I have been traveling. First it was Athens, then Bangkok. Then I went to Australia to visit a friend. After that I went to Taipei. Finally, back in Bangkok. From here I will head back to Spain with the idea of ​​settling somewhere. Maybe Spain or maybe Portugal, we’ll see.
  • I’ve been taking the gym more seriously for about a year. I used to do sports but without a specific plan. My focus now is on progress. And for this I have been training much more consciously. At some point I will not write a post about it.
  • This year I have been reading much less than the rest. Maybe this is because I haven’t connected with any books. I really liked Dostovyeski’s “The Idiot” and right now I have returned to my default writer: Murakami. I’m reading the book “The City and Its Uncertain Walls”.


  • I started working with a new client who is trying to build a platform to do staff sharing, so that you can have a profile on your team shared with another company. Focused on those who cannot hire a full-time person due to costs.
  • We added monetization to Kalm. This has brought us a profit of about €60, which is not much.
  • I started a new project called Creare Peaces with the mission of collecting beautiful places around the world where I can work. Mainly libraries, cafes or coworkings.