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Working on launching the first version - Designer & Mobile App Developer - 2023

Together with Julia we are working on getting the first version of our application ready. We want to create an app that will tell you the best times to sunbathe based on the vitamin D you need and your location.

Sunbathe App
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I launched the first version of the app - Full-stack Developer - 2021

In Bûmerang I did many things. In my first two months I launched the mobile application. Then I was in charge of the technical team (3 people), I incorporated metrics needed for the business, I implemented an architecture migrating from MongoDB to PostgreSQL, creating an internal admin and a metrics panel, adding error tracking, migrating the servers to Heroku and many other things.

bumerang 1bumerang 2bumerang 3bumerang 4
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I launched the first version of the app in 3 weeks - Mobile App Developer - 2018

I was in charge of choosing the technology and launching the application. We wanted to validate if the app made sense and we needed it to be fast. After choosing React Native and working on it, we had a first version in 3 weeks.

colvin 1colvin 2colvin 3colvin 4
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I was involved in the rebranding of the brand in 2016 - Web Developer - 2016

Waynabox hired Carlitos and Patricia (the guys who did some pretty important campaigns like Welcome to the Independent Republic of Tu Casa with IKEA or Vueling's Las Nubes) to do the rebranding. Together with them and the design team, we built a new brand and applied it throughout the website.

Waynabox 1Waynabox 2
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