This is the shortest sales website you will have seen

Hello, my name is Alberto and I make software. Web & mobile apps using JavaScript.

  • I work without strict deadlines because I believe in continuous improvement, and setting rigid deadlines can lead to frustration for both parties.
  • I'm a fan of asynchronous work, so you'll have fewer calls with me and more written updates on the progress of your project.
  • Lastly, I don't charge by the hour upfront. You tell me what you want, and I'll provide you with a price. The clearer you are about your project, the easier it will be for me to give you a fair price.

That's it. If you have a clear idea of your project, you can send me an email at If you're not sure yet and would like some assistance, you can schedule a call with me (120€ fee). You can discuss your doubts, and I'll do my best to help you out.

Some of the projects I have worked on

Kalm Places (2023)


Kalm Places is a directory of places to find calm in a noisy world. It was born to share the places that bring us peace, invite us to silence, and help us combat the noise problem. Because these places exist and are waiting to be discovered.

Kalm Places Website

Sunbathe (2023)

Designer and mobile developer

Julia and I are collaborating in Sunbathe. This app aims to help you become more aware of vitamin D importance by showing you the optimal times to get your dose of vitamin D in your location.

Sunbathe App

Inentendible (2023)

Designer and web developer

My friend Marga wanted to offer her brand strategy services. For 2 weeks, we were conceptualizing the idea and implementing it. This is the result, a first version of the website, simple and straightforward. She studied journalism, so we wanted to use the layout of newspapers as a reference, introducing some elements that could remind us of them.

Sunbathe App

Bûmerang (2021)

Full-stack Developer

During my time at Bûmerang, I wore many hats. In my first couple of months, I got the mobile app up and running. Then, I took the reins of our tech team (3 awesome people), where I integrated vital business metrics, revamped our architecture by switching from MongoDB to PostgreSQL, built an internal admin tool, set up a slick metrics dashboard, added error tracking, and even handled the server migration to Heroku, among a slew of other tasks.

bumerang 1bumerang 2bumerang 3bumerang 4

Colvin (2018)

Mobile developer

I took the lead in technology selection and the application launch. Our goal was to quickly validate the app's viability, and speed was crucial. After opting for React Native and diving into the project, we managed to roll out our initial version in just three weeks.

colvin 1colvin 2colvin 3colvin 4

Waynabox (2016)

Web Developer

I played a key role in the brand's rebranding efforts back in 2016. Waynabox brought in Carlitos and Patricia , the creative geniuses behind significant campaigns like "Welcome to the Independent Republic of Tu Casa" with IKEA and Vueling's "Las Nubes," to spearhead the rebranding project. Collaborating closely with them and our talented design team, we crafted a fresh brand identity and seamlessly integrated it across our website.

Waynabox 1Waynabox 2

Things they say about me

"Working with Alberto was easy from day one, he has a great attitude and energy making him a valuable team player. He knows his stuff and gets the work done with precision and quality."

- Maru, Partner at Pixel Research Lab

"I have worked side by side with Alberto for two years co-leading the Bûmerang technical team and I can only say that without him we wouldn't have gotten to where we are. His personal and professional skills have made a difference, providing his vision from minute one, helping the team grow and make a qualitative leap to our digital product. Alberto is resolute, has clear ideas and knows how to execute everything he does with quality. It has been a pleasure to work with Alberto."

- Marynes, CPO at Bûmerang

"Alberto is the kind of person that makes the difference in a team and with whom I would always be happy to work. Always eager to learn and teach, very involved in technology but also in product and business, and always with an impeccable attitude. He stands out for his pragmatism, proactivity and teamwork. He is very methodical, detail-oriented and concerned about the quality of everything delivered."

- Rubén (I worked with him in Colvin & Humanspace)