The moments you live only have one life

A week ago, I arrived in New Zealand with the main idea of visiting my friend Gonzalo. Our plan was to fly to the South Island of New Zealand and take a circular route with Christchurch as the starting and ending point.

Countless hours of driving awaited us. We had numerous kilometers ahead of us to complete the route. Amidst these long stretches, conversations naturally flowed, covering a wide range of topics.

It’s in these moments where magic happens. Conversations arise from the empty spaces where nothing seems to be happening. They need to be nurtured slowly, allowing them the space they require to unfold.

It’s surprising how little we listen nowadays. How little space we give for those things to happen. And all for the sake of looking at something we likely don’t care about as much as the person standing right in front of us.

The reality is that every moment we experience only has one life. Because once it passes, it doesn’t exist anymore and will never be the same again. Because each experience molds you, each experience makes you a new person. You’re not the same person on the day you start that journey with your friend as you are on the day you finish it.

Therefore, my message to you (and to myself) is this:

  • Stop constantly checking your phone, no matter where you are. This is especially crucial when you are in the company of someone you cherish. There will always be time for that later.
  • Take pleasure in the landscapes, in getting lost and finding yourself. Revel in the melodies of birdsong, the gentle caress of the breeze upon your face, and the world that surrounds you. It matters not whether it’s familiar or unknown.
  • Treasure the conversations, the comfortable silences, the sight of each other’s faces, and the knowledge that you are sharing a unique moment together. Understand that it will never be the same again. Such is the nature of life.

I am aware that this can be challenging at times. The temptation is ever-present. However, do not let these moments slip away for anything in the world.

With that being said, I wish you all a wonderful summer, winter, or whichever season you find yourself in. May you create cherished memories with the people you hold dear.