New direction, new name

After 12 editions, I’m going to give this newsletter a twist.

And it does so on the premise that content curation is the future of the Internet. Let me explain to you why.

It is becoming more accessible that a person without technical knowledge decides to open a little space in the vast world of the Internet. You can find everything from adorable little old Italian ladies teaching you how to make their signature recipe to a woman teaching you how to make Victorian sweets.

The possibilities are endless. So are the curiosities. The courses on how to make courses too, but we’ll leave that for another time.

The amount of information is increasing and the perfect formula is to find those who can help you bring order to that chaos.

If you have been a regular visitor of those spaces with books called libraries, you will have noticed that there is a human being among its facilities called librarian. If he liked you and you went there often, he was able to recommend you which book to read with astonishing ease, I would say even better than ChatGPT.

They were useful because they give you a new idea through a book. A new possibility of getting some new knowledge. And it’s here where content curators would have to fulfill that role, since recommendations are still necessary. In fact, a study by Brand Ratedsays that 9 out of 10 consumers use reviews to decide what to buy, where to eat, which doctor to go to and many other things. So probably recommendations are more important than ever.

This wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the fact that 30% of online reviews are considered to be fake. And wait a few years more, AI is coming to increase that percentage.

This is where content curators come in. Those people with the soul of a librarian who help you know what to read about a topic or simply recommend where to eat the best kebab in your neighborhood. Those who know where to find good content and make it visible to others. Who organize it and take care of it.

And now that you have the context, I’ve decided to call my newsletter Everything is a Remix.

Why? The concept is simple: I’m going to be your trusted internet librarian. Or at least to try. I want to share with you ideas, links, projects, and things around creativity, exploration, being healthy and independent work.

All ideas come from other ideas. Every creative act starts from something that already existed. Everything is a Remix. With my remixes I want to bring you the inspiration to launch that project, that new song, book, poetry, crochet sweater…whatever.

And with that we are done, I leave you below this week’s remixes.


Today’s remixes

In today’s remixes I’m going to share 5 other content curation projects that have served me as inspiration for this newsletter.

  • Everything is a Remix → In a series of videos, Kirby Ferguson explores the concept of creativity and content curation in the digital age. He discusses how ideas are often built upon existing ideas, and how remixing and reusing content can lead to new forms of expression.
  • PALM REPORT by Poolsuite → I couldn’t describe them any better, so I’ll just copy and paste their description: “An uplifting cocktail of content exploring “the good life”, served weekly”.
  • Minimal Gallery → Every time I need inspiration for a website, this is my place to go. The guy behind the website is Piet Terheydenand he really has a good taste.
  • Really Good Emails → For websites I go to Minimal Gallery, but for emails this is my safe place. And they even have a “Curated” section.
  • The Chicken shed → A bi-weekly newsletter part of The DO lectures that shares good content on a variety of topics: business, productivity, sustainability. I recommend you to take a look at the whole project.

Thanks for reading and see you next week.