I want people

I want people in my life who challenge me, who make me uncomfortable.

I want people in my life who are free, who think independently. Who make me doubt what is right and what is wrong.

I want people who are spontaneous, who know how to love sincerely. Who know how to love in the way you are able to tell the truth to the face.

I want people who are ambitious, who want to build a life as close as possible to their idea of perfect happiness. I want people who know how to take the right path, even if it is the most complicated one.

I want people who are afraid, but who do not hold back. I want them to be an example to overcome my own fears, to be brave.

I want people who do not need external validation. Who know how to think for themselves, and who know how to see the world in their own way, without fear of living and with the desire to squeeze this wonderful experience that is to be alive.