Five websites I use for travel

Welcome to this new Everything is a Remix’s edition, today’s remixes are in the mood to get on a plane:

  1. If you like to travel by train you probably know this website: Seat 61. To be honest the web is not pretty, but information is power and this web compiles a lot of information about train routes all over the world. It’s the best, trust me.
  2. What Seat 61 is for trains is Pack Hackers for backpacks. They have reviews of practically all the backpacks that exist today. Besides that, they have my favorite section: packing lists. For men, for girls, for digital nomads, for road trips. Check them out because they have a lot of information.
  3. Condé Nast Traveler is my next choice when it comes to travel. They have travel guides for many parts of the world. I warn you that the places they recommend are often quite expensive. I mainly use it to look for restaurants, as sometimes they interview chefs from a specific area and recommend restaurants that they usually go to, this time of all prices.
  4. For those who travel a lot in this vast world maybe having a card that generates points and gives you access to better offers and advantages would be great. I am still learning about it, but The Point Guys website is the best I have found on this subject.
  5. Martijn Doolaard is a Dutch photographer with a passion for cycling. He was so passionate about it that he rode two incredibly long routes on it: the first one from Amsterdam to Singapore with a duration of 1 year and the second one from Vancouver to Patagonia with a duration of 2 years. Just this week I discovered his Youtube channel and with it his new adventure: about a year ago he bought two stone cabins on top of a hill in the northern part of the Alps and from that time have been sharing the restoration process to turn them into his new home.

In the title I said that I would share with you fives websites that I use to travel, but the last point is not a website for traveling, right? Well, that’s absolutely right. If you have noticed in the description, you can see that I have been to 40 countries. The truth is that before writing this I had no idea (in fact I thought I had been to about 50). So here is the fifth tool.

Okay, now it is.

One last thing before I leave you. Since I have more recommendations than I share here, I’m going to move this newsletter to a directory for one main reason: that you have access to these remixes in an easy and filterable way.

As I still don’t know when this will be available, for the moment I’ve created a very basic directory where I compile everything I share in this newsletter. Let me know what you do think or if you have any feedback on this.

Thanks for reading and see you next week.